live visuals at Herfstdrift by DEFRAME

We had a wonderful time at Herfstdrift. Great vibes in Nijmegen. Special thanks to Moniek Klabbers for inviting us.

Artefakt Live A/V

Artefakt & DEFRAME live A/V at Herfstdrift

We’ve been working on a new A/V live show with Artefakt during an artist in residency week at Extrapool in anticipation of our upcoming live performance at Herfstdrift on Saturday.


Live visuals by DEFRAME at Soenda Indoor

It’s always a pleasure to perform at Soenda Indoor in our hometown.
Some nice memories for the books.

ADE – ZeeZout

DEFRAME stage design ZeeZout ADE 2016

We had a great ADE week. One of our highlights was this new chapter in our ZeeZout ADE stage design series.
Exploring the boundaries between light and video.

ADE – Absolut Beamlab Bar

DEFRAME at ADE Beamlab Bar 2016

On ADE Friday, Luuk Meuffels will be representing DEFRAME with a short talk about his work during Absolut Beamlab Bar. Admission is free, so join the crowd when you’re around. Talks start at 19:00.

Soenda Nijmegen

DEFRAME live visuals at Soenda Nijmegen 2016

Photo taken at Soenda Indoor, September 24 at De Kube Nijmegen.


DEFRAME live visuals at Mysteryland

This nice moment was captured during our visual performance at Mysteryland. Thanks to KBK Visuals for the opportunity.

Taikoo Li Light Festival

Taikoo Li Light Festival 2016

Thrilled to be part of Taikoo Li Light Festival with To Be Reproduced in Beijing, China. The exhibition runs from Sunday September 25 until Tuesday October 25 at the Taikoo Li Sanlitun building.